Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Present for the Publicist

Sherpa the Farm cat brought a present home for the publicist.
Unlike the presents that Harry the Farm cat brings home this present was still alive.
Harry is a mousie hunter.
Sherpa is a SNAKE hunter.

He has brought home several snakes for the publicist.
It's a good thing she LIKES snakes, isn't it?

It all started when the publicist noticed Sherpa out the window.
She saw him carrying something so she ran out the door and yelled to the male person to take pictures.

She got out there and lo and behold!
A snake!
At least this time it was NOT a rattlesnake.
She did not appreciate the rattlesnake.
She told Sherpa to never bring her one of them again!

This one appears to be an Eastern Racer snake.
It is a constrictor type snake.
She put it in the garden and she is hoping it will constrict the gopher.

I am just glad it is not going to constrict ME!


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