Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nom, Nom, NOM!

You will recall that the male person and the publicist provided us with the goat snack of all goat snacks! We truly are Happy - not to mention lucky - Goats!

I will tell you that when we saw ALL that pine for the munching we went a little crazy.

It was like being in our own little personal forest!
Right on our Farm!
How cool is that?
Very cool we maaaa.

There are pine needles to munch.

And bark to nibble.

It's nomming with Olympic potential!
Synchronized Tree Trimming anyone?
With a view!
I think they will take the Gold!

Little Flash was living up to his name as he flitted from here to there.
He had some fun!

I am still AMAZED at how big the goat tree-t is!

It will give us lots of good munching.

What do you mean it is not going to stay here for us to eat?!
The male person is going to do WHAT with my tree-t?!

Oh noes!
I had better eat fast!


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