Monday, July 9, 2012

Meet My Friends Monday - Katie and Glogirly

It is Monday and time to meet more of my friends!
This Monday is also full of award announcements too!

But first I would love for you to meet Katie a very lovely tuxedo kitty and her human, Glogirly!

Katie and Glogirly just got back from BlogPaws where Katie received a very stylish new wardrobe. She is an excellent modelcat.

Much better than I would be (not that I am a cat, heh). I do not wear clothes. I have my limits. Pearls is as far as I go. But Katie rocks her catfits.

Katie (as well as a LOT of my friends - I will tell you about them at the end of this post) has been nominated for a Pettie Award for Best Blog Post. I have been voting for my friends and as you can see I have a widget on my blog to make it easy for you to vote too! You can log in with your facebook account or with email. The winners get to make a donation to a shelter so it is a very good cause. As Sherpa the Farm cat will maaaa to you NO cat wants to live in a shelter!

But back to Katie and her adventures with Glogirly - they have created the very entertaining Real Housecats of the Blogosphere movies and I am sure that you will all love them. So go over and maaaaa "hi" to Katie and Glogirly on their blog. I'm sure you will be entertained.

Katie and Glogirly even gave ME an award! Isn't that nice?! They gave me the One Lovely Blog Award. I'm sure they made that choice on a day that WASN'T AbbyDay. Bwamaaahahaha. I thank them very much for recognizing me. 

As for the Petties - so many of my friends are nominated! It's very exciting!

Sparkle is nominated for Best Blog Post
Daisy the Curly Cat is nominated for Funniest Blog
Your Daily Cute is nominated for Funniest Blog

I am very excited for ALL of my friends. I am asking you all if you have a few minutes to vote so that a very deserving shelter can get some monies to help kitties like Sherpa the Farm cat find a good home.

I hope you enjoyed meeting another one of my friends and learning the exciting news about the Petties!


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