Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's Name the Piggie Day - and a Giveaway!

Remember I told you about a new soap that the publicist is making for my shop?

A cute little piggie soap!

Well the first of the little piggies are ready for sale!
But we don't have a name for them.
That is where YOU come in!

I want YOU to name the piggie!
This will be an easy giveaway - here are the rules:

List your piggie name in the comments
You can enter up to three name choices just be sure to put each name in a separate comment.
Be sure to have your names in by 8/1.

On 8/1 the publicist and I will pick out our favorite 5 names and then I will post a poll.
The name that wins the poll will be the name of the piggie! Then the new soaps will be listed in my shop for sale. I will have a SPECIAL SALE to celebrate!

I will give away TWO piggies; one to the person who provides the winning name and one to a random entrant. The same person cannot win the two piggies so it can be fair. I always try to be a fair goat. Not like Abby.....

Isn't that exciting?!
I think so!

We are celebrating today because it is the publicist's birthday - she is one OLD publicist!
So be sure to pick out cute names and enter.
I will look forward to reading your entries!


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