Tuesday, July 10, 2012

AbbyDay - Isn't My Kid Flash Just the Cutest?

It's AbbyDay - the best day of the week. The day for all things Abby and that means my kid!

I have the cutest kids.
I do.
It's a fact.
How could I not?
I am goat perfection!

My kid Flash is pretty darn close to perfect himself.
Just look -

 - he is KIDORABLE!
But of course he is - he is an Abbygoat after all!

He has my profile.
The PERFECT goat profile.

The publicist says he is just squeezable - whatever that means.
(She had better NOT try and squeezable me!)

I think he is the cutest goat on the Farm - barring ME of course.
I am AbbyGoat and therefore the most beautifullest goat in the world.

But it seems that my little guy is a bit shy.
He will outgrow that I am sure.
He has time. He will be here for about another month so I have time to work with him.
Then he is going to the same Farm as Tim and Lew!
Isn't that exciting?
He will have good friends and family to join when he leaves here.

He will be a Happy Goat forever!


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