Tuesday, July 3, 2012

AbbyDay - I Share the New Soap Design

The publicist has a new computer!
This is good except that all of our photos are on the old computer so that means there are NO photos of ME to show you today.
I know - your day is ruined.

I told her she had to hup to and get some pictures taken pronto!
For now I will show you two new soaps; one is in the shop and one will be there later today:

first up is the Friend for Pricilla soap.
It's a sheep!
Right now it is in pomegranate but more scents are coming.

The second is the Maaaaasage Bar in Lavender Lemongrass but with a twist!
It has some color!
It is from alkanet root so it is all natural.
Isn't it pretty?
The publicist hopes to play with more natural colorants as time goes on.

Be sure to stay tuned to my Pricilla's shop for more interesting soaps!
You can also check out the new About page that shows you all about the members of the Farm family.

The publicist will be busy in the upcoming days taking photos and loading software. She is happy to have a new computer. The old one kept crashing.


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