Thursday, June 28, 2012

To the Barn! To The Barn! To the Does!

At the end of the day we all go up to the barn.
It is safe there.
We have our pens - although I have to share mine with the kids now and I am not so happy about that. They
I really can't wait until I have my pen all to myself again but I am a good grandnanny so I persevere.

My studmuffin, Luke the goat is the last of us to come to the barn and he is usually VERY excited about getting there. 
In fact the publicist has to jump out of the way of his horns as she opens his gate.

Are you ready Luke?
Are you excited about seeing your does?
I think that look maaas it all, don't you?

So the publicist lets him out and he....

Runs as fast as he can to the barn and us does.
Well, and his grain.
Not that he is excited about the grain!
It is all about US!

I bring you this Luke post today by special request.
My studmuffin has an admirer!


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