Monday, June 4, 2012

Meet My Friends Monday: Pimp and Moo from Your Daily Cute

It is time for another Meet My Friends Monday but first the publicist would like to thank everyone who sent her thoughts when she didn't feel well. She says she is feeling a bit better now. I am not so sure; she tried to put Jim and Flash in my pen last night. THAT was NOT a good idea....

Today I would like to have you meet two more cat friends of mine - Pimp and Moo. 
They live with Dorian who writes the blog, Your Daily Cute.

If you have never read it you are missing out on a lot of cute. Even if she does not have photos of me all over her blog. 

Seriously! I am VERY cute.

But back to my friends. This is Pimp

and this is Moo.

I am sure you can figure out how Moo got his name.

Everyday there is a new post full of, well cute stuff.

Dorian works very hard to save many kitties and find them homes. Her most favorite thing in the whole wide world is Santa Paws Drive, a program she started that raises monies and toys for shelter dogs and cats at Christmastime. She also blogs at
Why is there not a Huh? Huh?

I hope you enjoyed meeting my friends. I hope they become your friends too!


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