Monday, June 25, 2012

Meet My Friends Monday - Marg and her Animals

Can you believe it is Monday again?
Boy time flies!
I have another wonderful friend for you to meet - Marg!
Marg has a blog called Marg's Pets and it is all about, well Marg's pets.

Marg has a houseful of kitties.
She takes care of cats that no one wants.
She is a cat's best friend!
This is Lil Bit having a nice rest.

There are lots of outside cats too!
Some are domesticated and some are still somewhat feral but Marg makes sure they are well fed and that they go to the V-E-T if they need care.
This is BG and Khaki cat stalking a mousie.

Marg also has donkeys!


and Joe.
They are miniature donkeys and I think they are quite something.
I think the publicist should get me one!

I hope you liked meeting my friend Marg. Be sure to visit her blog!

We all ask that you send positive thoughts to the male person. He has the flu. He has a fever and is not feeling well at all. We also want you to send positive thoughts that the publicist does not catch it from him. We do not want her to get sick too. Then who would take care of us?


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