Monday, June 18, 2012

Meet My Friends Monday - The Laughing Duck Farmers

It's another Monday so it's time to meet more of my friends.
Can you believe time flies like this?
I cannot.
No wonder I am such an old goat!

Today I would like you to meet my friends from the Laughing Duck Farm.
Including Melodie - the publicist at the farm.
No, they do not REALLY have ducks that laugh.
That would be something, though, wouldn't it?

They do have lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of animals.
Including my favoritest of animals - goats!

You can read how Melodie goat started with her goats HERE.
That is ButterBean her very first, but certainly not last goat.

The latest addition on the farm is a real sweetheart.
Really - look at his nose!
This is Roger - one of Doodah the goat's triplets.
Yes, triplets! That is what I call working hard for one's hay!
Is he not adorable?

Melodie keeps very busy on her farm just like my publicist.
She grows her food in a garden and then cans it.

She also makes soap from her goats' milk. She also has fyber goats and she spins and dyes yarns and sells them in her etsy shop also called Laughing Duck Farm.

The publicist said if she had spare time and talent she would get this hand spun painted wool because it is pretty. But she has neither so that is that. It looks rather tasty to me.....

You should all go over and visit the Laughing Duck Farm blog so you can see all the fun that goes on. There are dogs and donkeys and cats and GOATS! Such fun, such fun!


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