Monday, June 11, 2012

Meet My Friends Monday - Isobelle

Can you believe it is Monday again?
I cannot.
But I am excited because It means I get to introduce you to another of my friends.
This time it is a goat friend!
Isobelle Golightly, the Beautiful Goat!
And she is,

don't you think?
Isobelle is a pygmy/boer goat.
I am quite jealous of her horns.

She lives on a beautiful Farm in New York.
I have never been to New York.

this is a winter photo

She lives with her lady, other goats and lots of other animals including:




and chickens.
That is a BIG Farm.
Maybe I will go live with Isobelle.
Then I won't have AbbyGoat to deal with.
What do you think?

Hey Isobelle?
Can I come live with you?

OK - You all know I would not leave the publicist. She is too good to me. And I wouldn't know how to find this New York place anyway. But you can go and visit Isobelle and the rest of her friends on her blog. Tell her I sent you!

I hope you enjoyed meeting another one of my friends.
Tomorrow Abby is going to give you her tour of her new "goat palace."
I have a feeling it is going to be very interesting.


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