Friday, June 29, 2012

Farm Cat Friday - Where is the Male Person's Wallet?

Sherpa the Farm cat is a good guard cat.
Or so he claims.
He likes to sleep at the foot of the publicist and male person's bed.
On the male person's side.
The male person makes comments about "sleeping like a pretzel to accommodate the *&^%$&$(&$)@^%%$$( cat."
(Don't let that fool you - he loves Sherpa the Farm cat.

And Sherpa does look cute when he sleeps.
But he looks like he is keeping a secret, doesn't he?

Who me? Hide something?

What could he be hiding?
Is that the male person's WALLET under Sherpa's fluffy furs?

Talk to the paw!

Are you trying to steal the male person's wallet?
What would you do with it anyway?
You cannot shop!

Ooooh, you are keeping some OTHER Farm cat from taking it, are you?
Do NOT stick your tongue out to me!
I am a Famous SpokesGoat and I deserve respect.

From whom are you protecting the male person's wallet?
What do you mean you are not going to meow to me?!
Well, I know a guilty cat when I see one....

Don't you all?


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