Friday, June 8, 2012

Farm Cat Friday - InspectorCat Sherpa is on the Job Again!

You will recall that Sherpa the Farm cat was found at the top of the male person's ladder.
Many of you guessed that he was checking out the male person's work.

Well, you were right!
Although he did take some time to just check out the view while he was up there.

I am sure he could see far and wide on a 8 foot ladder!

The publicist sees many strange things when she looks out her window but this was one of the strangest. I don't think the male person needs a relaxing cat snoopervisor, do you?

After a bit Sherpa decided he had better inspect the male person's carpentry skills so he decide to get down.

But being an adventurous cat he did not do it the easy way!
No he did not!


And he gave the building four paws up!


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