Thursday, May 3, 2012

Surfin' Jim

Little Jim the goat has mastered that little kid skill....

Nanny surfin'.
All kids seem to do it.
I have no idea why.
He has even tried to surf on ME!
It's true!

I am NOT his nanny so he should not surf on me any more than he should try to access my udder. My udder is MY udder!

He is quite talented though and there is talk of entering him in the Nanny Surfing event at the Goat Olympics this summer. I think he might be too big by then. We will have to see.

He needs some work on his mount and especially his dismount. That looks a bit sloppy if you ask me. He will have to practice, practice, practice if he expects to win a medal.

Bad form does not win gold!
So keep working Jim the goat.
Keep working.

Just stay away from my back and my udder!


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