Saturday, May 26, 2012

Luke the Goat is SPOILED

It's true.
If I want to eat yummy green grass I have to get it myself.
But not Luke!
Oh no!
The publicist BRINGS him yummy green grass.
You do not believe me?

That is my studmuffin with a food bin full of yummy green grass.
He did not cut it himself, did he?
Hooves are not suited to using shears.

I would like a food bin full of yummy green grass.

But no!
The publicist says that I get to roam all over the Farm and Luke has to stay in his pen.

That is why he gets such treatment.
She says there is not much grass in his pen.

She says she feels badly for him.
I think she is just plain spoiling him.

What do YOU think?


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