Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to all of my readers in the US.
It is good to remember the soldiers. They gave their lives to protect all of us.

I have something else I want to talk about today.
It is about helping shelter kitties and doggies.
My friend Sparkle wrote about it on her blog.
You remember my friend Sparkle - I introduced her a couple of weeks ago on Meet My Friends Monday.

It is called The Pet Postcard Project.

Since I am being a SpokesGoat I will show my headshot.
It's Official Business!

By making a homemade postcard you can help to feed shelter pets. Since Sparkle meows it better than I ever could here are the instructions:

1. It must include a photo of a pet you personally know, not one cut out of a magazine.
2. There are four categories, and the text on your card must fit into one: confessions/ secrets, advice, wishes, “you know you love your pet when…”
3. What you write must be original, not someone else’s quote.
4. You can create your card in a computer graphics program or embellish a postcard-sized photo by hand (hint: the Pet Postcard Human loves the crafty, made-by-hand cards the best!).
5. Each card must be original — you can’t send in the same card over and over again, because only one of them will count.
6. Put your all-original postcard(s) in an envelope and mail it to the address on the Pet Postcard Project site!

The publicist is making one with MY face on it of course because you all know that she loves me. Plus I am VERY original...don't you think?

Sparkle meows: For more about making the cards, go here. If you want some inspiration, you can find cards here. She is one smart cat!

Next Monday I'll be back with another Meet My Friends Monday....


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