Friday, May 18, 2012

Flash the Goat is Growing Up

Even though I have been through this many, many times with my kids and my grandkids I just cannot believe how quickly the little ones grow.

It seems like Flash was just a tiny little guy 

and now his horns are growing and his nanny is letting him run off by himself.

He is turning into quite the handsome little buckling. I know I am very proud.

He and Jim the goat get along very well and play together. The publicist so wanted her new video camera to work out so she could show you but she is finding that it crashes her very old computer. She is not happy. She will have to wait 'til she can get a new computer before we have movies again.

All of this posing has worn little Flash out so he is going to take a nap now. Maybe that is a good idea all around. 

Everygoat should take a nap now and then. 
You humans too!


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