Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bad Goats, Bad Goats! Whatchagonnado?!

I continue with a theme today my readers.
You remember that on AbbyDay we sang about Bad Does, Bad Does.
Well today it's Bad Goats, Bad Goats in general.
(Bad Flash in specific)

We all know that we are not allowed in the hay pile.

Uh - oh!
Bad goats, bad goats.
Whatcha gonna do?

It does look like Louise is maaaaing to the little kid.

He does seem to be listening!
What?! Me?!
A baaaaaad goat!

I am not baaaad he seems to be maaaaing.

Bad goats, bad goats
Whatcha gonna do?

Well given his name I would say that he is going to be gone......

Bad goats, bad goats.
Whatcha gonna do?


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