Tuesday, May 1, 2012

AbbyDay - I am Pleased to Introduce My New Kid, Flash the Goat!

It's AbbyDay, the best day of the week. And this is the bestest of the best of AbbyDays because I am bringing you a new generation of Abbygoats!

I had my kid yesterday.
This is Flash the goat.
Everyone was surprised that there was only one kid in there.

I was one big goat!
But that is how it goes sometimes.
I was also one hungry goat - BUUUUUUURP!

The publicist knew on Sunday that I would soon have a new kid but he did not arrive until some time on Monday.

I surprised her when she came into the barn!
There was little Flash already born and cleaned up.
Wasn't that nice of me?
And she says I'm the mean goat!
Pffffft! I showed her!

My little Flash is very cute if I do say so myself.
He has one long white stripe on on side - that is how he got his name.

And a chicken like splotch on the other.

Almost like Brewster the goat's chicken splotch.
Isn't that funny?

There will be much more of little Flash to come.
It seems he takes after his nanny - check out that look!

Oh, Pricilla wanted to say thank you to everyone who said she could come to stay with them. If I could I would ship her there myself.
Oh, did I maaaa that out loud?


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