Monday, May 21, 2012

AbbyDay - Bad Does,Talking About Your Bad Does

Bad does
Talking about the Farm does

Farm does
Talking about baaaad does, yeah

It's AbbyDay, and the blog is hot

Sun's come up, and we're out o' the barn

Spirit's high, and weeds grow a lot
Do you want to come to the Farm?
Now, don't you ask yourself who they are?
Like everybody else, Abby wants to be a star

Now, you and me - we're not the same
I'm AbbyGoat and you're just lame
Now, the publicist won't like it when she finds out
That her does are out like this

Street maaaain', street walkin'

Farm does; such baaaad Farm does
Maaa, maaaa uh, uh 

You bad doe, you Farm doe
You're such a silly Farm doe
Maaa, maaa, uh, uh*

*In remembrance of and with all due respect to Donna Summer.


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