Saturday, April 21, 2012

We Work HARD!

As Abby mentioned in her AbbyDay post the publicist let us out for the First Graze of Spring.
Since it was our first time out of the goat pen in a while we were a bit scattered in our "grazing." We were just so very excited to be free!

Of course the male person's wood pile was very interesting to us.
We love bark.
The fiber is good for us.

So we erm, visited it.
To check out it's stability.
That's it!
We were quality control goats!

We would not want the publicist and the male person to use inferior wood, would we?
We would not!
The wood was closely inspected. CLOSELY!

Little Jim took this job very seriously. 
It was his first time, erm working.

He climbed to the top.

He sniffed!

He leapt!

He munched!

He nibbled!
He was very thorough.
He is a good kid, that Jim.

He was not the only goat doing his/her job though.

Louise the goat did her best to test the wood pile too!
So much hard work by so many hard working goats.

I hope the publicist and the male person appreciate all of this!
What do you mean we got to have a snack?!
This is WORK people!


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