Sunday, April 1, 2012

Silly Sunday - A Goat in a Coat

The mornings have been a bit windy and quite cool so the publicist has decided that little Jim needed to wear a goat coat.
He did not think he needed one - he squealed something fierce when she put it on him.

He does look cute though, doesn't he?

Even if he has learned at a VERY young age to express his opinion.
Very smart kid, that Jim!

He soon adjusted to wearing his stylish little coat and wandered around the pen.
Can you believe how small he looks next to the goat house.
It is hard to believe that kids are so tiny in their first days.

His nanny needs to keep a good eye on him.
At least if he gets lost everyone will know where he lives!
The other goats seem to not recognize him in his coat.

Sarah and AbbyGoat are having quite the goat staredown aren't they?
But Sarah protected her kid. She soon butted them all away and Jim was free to explore and then it happened.

He found his log!
His favorite log!

And on his fourth day of life, SUCCESS!

He was such a proud little goat he kept running around and around jumping on the log and jumping off.

It's good to be a kid!
Could there be ANYTHING more fun?


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