Monday, April 16, 2012

Rememberings: Post Redux - The Publicist is Not Feeling Well

The publicist is not feeling well so I am rerunning a post today. Meet My Friends Monday will return next week. I hope you like this look back - I sure did!

For the first time the publicist is writing the blog! I am most happy to report that after a day of labor we have a new little buck on the Happy Goats Farm - please welcome Kevin the goat.

I stayed with Pricilla for her labor; she seemed more at ease when I sat with her, so sit with her I did. I can't say my back was happy with that decision but Pricilla was. Fortunately for her she had Kevin right before I had to leave for a doctor's appointment. I just knew she would go into labor when I had to be somewhere!

Both the male person and I were expecting twins as Pricilla had always had them in the past but this time she only had one kid. But he is a rather large kid so perhaps that is why there is only one. He is a cute little guy and more photos will follow. Funny that a mostly brown goat and cow colored goat could create a almost all white goat. The recessive genes in these animals are amazing for color.

Oh, we would have had more pictures from the birth but the male person thought using the flash was the way to was not. That is all I am going to say.

**The publicist says she should be back all fit as a fiddle tomorrow for Abby to write her AbbyDay post. I sure hope so. I wouldn't want to be the one to tell Abby she couldn't write her blog...


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