Monday, April 2, 2012

Meet My Friends Monday - Vicki

You might not believe it but I have a friend in Alaska!
It's true!
Her name is Vicki and she makes very pretty jewelry.

She has never come to visit me but I told her she could come anytime she likes.
Maybe I should go visit her, what do you think?
Do you think I would like Alaska?
Hmmmm, I hear it is cold up there.
I think I will stay here but you should go visit Vicki's shop, Orion Designs and see her pretty sparklies like these peridot and tourmaline earrings:

Or this garnet and labradorite necklace:

I think it would look good against my fur.
I need a little something to brighten my spring fur.
Perhaps I will treat myself.
Do NOT tell the publicist, OK?
I always complain when she makes me wear the pearls she made she will not be happy if I like Vicki's necklace - but it is much prettier than those pearls. (Shhhhh, that is our secret!)

Vicki also has a blog. She writes about her dog, Jet

He just got a haircut.
And she puts up delicious recipes. So be sure to visit.
Vicki's blog, not Alaska. Although you can go to Alaska if you want. Hey - stop by and pick me up on the way! Just be sure you bring me a warm coat to wear.

I hope you liked meeting my friend Vicki!


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