Monday, April 30, 2012

Meet My Friends Monday - Judy Elizabeth and Her Lambs

Today I would like you to meet my friend Judy Elizabeth. She lives in Montana just like me! She lives near the very beautiful Glacier National Park. The publicist visited there and took pictures of my cousin the Mountain Goat.

Isn't it cute?
But this post is about Judy Elizabeth and her lambs. I know lambs are not goats but they are still ruminants like goats so we are kind of cousins.
Cousins, cousins everywhere!

Judy Elizabeth used to have real sheep on her Farm but now she MAKES her lambs. She is VERY talented. You can order them in different sizes, with different colored bows or you can even order....

That is like ordering AbbyGoat but only in sheep form.
(Don't tell Abby I maaaed that, OK?)

The publicist has several of Judy Elizabeth's sheep and she loves them. The decorate her bookshelves. She has to put them up high to keep them away from certain furry creatures.

Judy Elizabeth also has sweatshirts with her flock on them.

Do you think they come in my size?
I think I would look good in teal!
I keep telling her that she needs to add goats though.
I am MOST in favor of goats.

Judy Elizabeth writes a blog too!
She shows photos from her beautiful part of Montana.
She has a bigger Farm than I do.
Perhaps I will run away.
Judy Elizabeth if I ran away to your Farm would you take me in?
Do you have apples?

I hope you liked meeting my friend Judy Elizabeth and her lambs today.

ps: I think you will be VERY surprised with Abby's post tomorrow. She might have some introductions to make!


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