Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jim Goatdini?

As you saw yesterday a certain goatling managed to ESCAPE!

The publicist is not sure how little Jim got out but she suspects he squeezed himself out through the gate. She suspects this because on his VERY FIRST DAY in the goat pen she found him doing this:

She knew it would not be long before she found what she found yesterday.

IE: a small goat on the wrong side of the goat pen.
Silly Jim.
He was crying for his nanny.

But that is what happens when you can't remember HOW you got out.
The publicist soon realized she had a goatdini on her hands and she ran out to help.

She saw the poor little kid standing outside of the pen and she called his name.

Suddenly, something familiar in his unfamiliar world.
He headed towards her.

He was so happy!
She picked him up and took him back to the goat pen and his nanny.
They were very happy to see each other!

They sniffed, Jim drank and all was right in the goat world on the Farm.

Ah, yes. Time for synchronized goat yoga.


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