Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fights, Fights, Fights! Jim the Goat is Learning to Hold His Own

Little Jim the goat is learning to stand up for himself.
At first his nanny would butt away anygoat who came near him but she knows that he needs to learn to fight his own battles.

So know she lets him meet the bigger goats while keeping an eye on the goings on.

She is there to protect him if need be but she wants him to feel like a strong boy.
She knows he has to learn.

Thelma and Louise are not so sure about this little goat in their pen.
They are used to being the "cute" goats.
Louise is especially bothered.

In fact, she sometimes looks quite shocked.
Just WHAT is that little thing and where did it come from?

Little Jim does not seem at all bothered.
Oh no! He just gets right in there and butts heads.
Or maybe he is sniffing. Who knows.

Thelma has her share of match ups too.

I find it all very entertaining and I just try to stay out of the way.
I am not a stupid goat.

The best show in the pen is when BOTH girls take him on at the same time.
Can you believe such a thing?
TWO big goats going after one little tiny two week old kid.
As if he is a threat.

But there it is.
You can see it with your own eyes.
Silly does!

It didn't bother little Jim though, just look at him.
He was ready to do battle.
He is one tough buck!

What's that?
Is that a charge?
Even Louise is not sure but you have to give him credit.
As I maaaed, one tough little buck!

Go Jim!


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