Tuesday, April 24, 2012

AbbyDay - Just Because I'm Pregnant it Doesn't Mean I Can't Do Anything Any of the Other Goats Do

It's AbbyDay the best day of the week. I REALLY do not understand why the calendar people have not gotten this figured out yet!

It would seem that somegoats think that just because I am pregnant I can't do what they can do.
Pfffft I maaaa to that!

Granted I am a bit larger grander than I usually might be but that does not stop me.
Not AbbyGoat!

I still run with joy!
Maybe a bit slower but I AM full of joy!

I know I need to be healthy for my kid(s). 
(It had better be KIDS given how big I am!)

So I still practice my goat yoga EVERY DAY!
I just need a bit of extra effort.
S t r e t c h, s t r e t c h.....

There you go! PERFECT form!
I dare you to show me anygoat who could do it better!

I can still deal with annoying goats.

NO GOAT gets in AbbyGoats way!
Did you ever see a better fur ruffing?
Did you ever see shinier fur?

I think not!
I only have one more thing to maaa....



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