Saturday, March 3, 2012

What is Luke the Goat Up To?

Every day Luke the goat dances his way out of the barn.
He charges into his goat pen, eats his grain and then he does this:

Silly Luke the goat!
Does he really think he can rub off his baling twine hat?

For those of you that are new the publicist had to put the baling twine hat on Luke because when he fights with Buster Brown Luke uses his big, strong horns. Buster Brown's little legs get caught in between them and then Luke drags him around on top of his head.

It is not pretty.
It scares the publicist.
Not to mention Buster Brown.

So the publicist came up with idea of the baling twine hat.
She can be clever some times.

Luke does not like his hat.
He rubs and he rubs and he rubs until the publicist has to replace it.

You can also see if you look very closely that Luke is rubbing away the fence post!

Fortunately there is a LOT of baling twine around the Farm.
I am sure there will be enough to last until Buster Brown grows as big as Luke!


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