Monday, March 26, 2012

Welcome My Grandkid, Jim the Goat!

Yesterday was a very exciting day on the Farm.
Sarah the goat had her kid!
I now have a new grandkid. His name is Jim the goat.
But before I show you his cute little self I will tell you the tale of how he came into the world.

Sarah stayed in her pen in the barn because the publicist knew that she was going to have her kid.
The publicist stayed with her in the barn so she wouldn't be lonely.

She was a bit chilly so the publicist covered her.
As we goats do when we are in labor, Sarah "maaaaed" to her kid occasionally before he arrived.

There were some visitors.

Harry the Farm cat.

A silly chicken.

Stinky the Farm cat.
It was a busy barn!

The rest of us goats were out enjoying the beautiful sunny day.

Abby and her girls were basking.

I was practicing my goat yoga.
I need to stay limber to keep up with young kids!

Luke the goat was on alert.
He knew he would soon be a daddy goat again!

Then Sarah let out some very loud MAAAAAAAs.

And we had a new kid on the farm.
Jim the goat!
He is named after the publicist's best friend's husband.
Sarah licked and licked and licked as we mama goats do.

Then Jim the goat got his first taste of yummy milk.
It's called colostrum and it helps kids grow big and strong.

Sarah cleaned Jim all up and he was ready to meet the world.
So world.... Jim!
There will be lots of pictures this week as Jim gets to go outside and meet the other goats on the Farm.

He might even meet...


Meet My Friends Monday will be back next week.


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