Saturday, March 24, 2012

Prime Seating

You will recall that the horses across the street got a bit frisky in the recent snow.
AbbyGoat saw fit to share this on her AbbyDay post.

Well Abby was not the only animal paying attention to the horses antics.
Oh no!

It started with Sherpa the Farm cat.
He hopped up into the hay pile - MY hay pile don't forget.

He seemed to be looking for something.
What could it be?

Of course!

His partner in crime!
Harry the Farm cat.
Harry, he meows, "turn around, you are missing the show!"

And so he does.
They sat and watched the horses for quite a while.
(Harry has been known to go visiting them. Sherpa, not so much.)

You will recall it was quite a show!
Silly Farm cats!


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