Saturday, March 10, 2012

An Old Friend Returns for a Visit

Can you guess who?

It was Mr. Eagle!
He was in the tree on our Farm.
Since we don't have any little kids around we were happy to see him.
I don't think he much cared about us.

He was too busy looking for a nice fish lunch.
I stayed and watched him for a bit with the publicist
It got boring because he didn't do much.
He just sat there and once in a while he would move his head. Whoopee!

Then he looked like he might fly away!
But he didn't.

He just cleaned his feathers.
I guess even eagles need a bath now and then.

He likes to look and look and look some more.
What do you think he sees?

I think he sees fish in the river. Fish is his favorite food.
Soon he flew away, low on the river.
Lunch time!


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