Thursday, March 1, 2012

The MONSTER Helped the Male Person Fix the Skylight

You were all right!
We had nothing to be afraid of - the MONSTER was here to help not to hurt.
It was here to help the male person and his friends fix the skylight on the yurt.

The publicist was very happy about this as it had been raining and the repair was leaking all over the inside.

First the MONSTER took the male person and his able assistant up to the roof to remove the repair.

Peak a boo!
I see the male person and his friend!

Then I just saw sky.

Soon pieces of wood were falling hither 

and yon!

I was glad by then I was in my goat pen far, far away from all of the falling wood.
I came back in later for further reporting.
This was an all day job!

Then all of the mens loaded up the NEW skylight on the MONSTER so it could go for a ride.
The male person came into the yurt so he could meet it on the inside.
He set up the great big ladder again.

Up, up, UP it climbed.

All of us inside waited and waited.
Where was it?

Here it is!

The male person sprinted up the ladder to help get it all aligned.

It took some time wiggling and adjusting...

...but it was finally where it belonged!
The skylight was fixed!
The publicist is very, very happy.

Now let us hope that it does not happen again!


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