Monday, March 5, 2012

Meet My Friends Monday - Millie the Horn Playing Goat of Eden Hills Farm

It's another Monday so it's time again to meet another of my friends.
It's another goat this week. I promise next week to introduce you to a friend that is not a goat but my friend this week just had kids!
I thought you would like to see some baby goats since it will be a bit before there are any here.

My friend's name is Millie and she lives at the Eden Hills Farm. Like me, Millie has her own blog. Millie is a Saanen goat and she plays her horns! I am jealous mostly because I don't have horns. I am also jealous because Millie escaped her pen a bit ago and got to dance the rhumba and now she has two beautiful kids.

That is her daughter. Isn't she the sweetest thing? Since she is an old goat like me her publicist is raising her son in the house.

Sounds like he will have the life!
I wish I had kids....

Millie's publicist is very busy; her name is Teresa. She has a shop with fun Farm stuff. It's called the Eden Hills Market.

You can find all kinds of good things there like goat soap and lip balm and bath salts.
I do not take a bath so I don't need bath salts.

There is something there that sounds mighty tasty to me though. It's POPCORN!
That is right up my alley!

And you can lease a goat.
Not me!
I am priceless.
Although sometimes the male person says.....
Never mind!

I hope you liked meeting my friend Millie the goat and her publicist today. Be sure to visit Millie's blog and watch as her daughter grows big and strong!


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