Saturday, March 31, 2012

Little Jim Comes Down to the Goat Pen

It was a big day on Tuesday of this week.
Little Jim made his first trip to the goat pen.
He only came down for a short visit since he was only two days old.
The publicist didn't want to overwhelm him with our, erm, enthusiasm.

Sarah the goat was very nervous too.
She didn't want to let little Jim out of her sight.
But Jim did not care!

He had a whole new world to explore and explore he would!
He took off to see what he could see.
His nanny was never far behind....

The goat house was his first place of exploration.
Just WHAT was that thing?

As he was going to look inside he got distracted and he never made it in. I am sure he will eventually.

He took a trip AROUND the goat house.
Silly Jim!

Kids just love to see what is what, don't they?

Then he saw the spools.
I am sure he will be hopping on them before too long!
It almost looks like Sarah is trying to pull him back.

Then it was back for some goat yoga.
Can you believe it? Goat yoga already!
He needs some work on his form but that will come.

Hey, that is not nice!
I am only giving my opinion.

Then it was some prancing and posing.
And then he saw it.

The log!
He LOVED the log.
He tried and tried and tried to hop on the log but this is as far as he got.

Silly Jim. You are only two days old!
Give it some time.
Like wait until you are at least four days old or something!

Then like all kids it was time for a nap.
Sleep well, little Jim. Sleep well.
More adventures await!


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