Friday, March 30, 2012

Farm Cat Friday - Who Wins - Harry or the Chicken?

Harry the Farm cat loves to hunt for mice.
The problem is, he has competition.

It is true.
The chickens hunt for mice too.
Just watch...

Harry was out stalking his prey.

He was chasing it down.

The mouse thought it was going to escape but....

...a fierce paw appeared!

But Harry the Farm cat was not quick enough this time and the mouse ran towards the barn!

So Harry sprinted after the mouse not knowing that he was being followed.

Yes, followed!
By a chicken.
A hungry chicken!

You will recall that the chickens have been know to encircle Harry the Farm cat.
But there was only one this time and it had its mind on a mouse dinner not a cat dinner.

It ran like the wind after Harry after the mouse.

They chased the mouse into the hay pile.
MY hay pile.
I do NOT want mice in my hay pile
Harry is supposed to keep them out of there.

Who would find it first?

Off ran Harry!

He was one determined Farm cat!
Not to mention one FAST Farm cat!

He ran and he ran and he ran and then he stopped!
Did he catch the mouse?

The next time the publicist saw him he was dashing across the field....

....mouse in mouth!
Good job Harry, good job!
One less mouse in the barn!


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