Friday, March 16, 2012

Farm Cat Friday - Sherpa the Farm Cat Helps (?) The Publicist with Her Knitting

As if!
Now the publicist has only herself to blame because she got up and did this:

What did she expect was going to happen?
Silly publicist!

What cat in his right mind would pass that up?

Certainly not Sherpa the Farm cat!
He was, erm checking out her stitches.

That's it!

He does not spare his opinion, does he?
That or he thinks the yarn tastes good.

What do you think?

He tested its strength too.
He was very thorough in his "inspection."

No one can say that Sherpa shirks his erm, duties.
The publicist was not sure she saw this as help.

Hey! How did the yarn get over there?
Sherpa! Did you steal the publicist's yarn?

That is the PUBLICIST'S yarn, not a cat toy!

The publicist now hides her yarn when she leaves it.
It is nice to know that the publicist is capable of learning.


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