Friday, March 9, 2012

Farm Cat Friday - Pumpkin the Farm Cat Strikes a Pose

It's Farm Cat Friday and Pumpkin the Farm cats says he has been feeling left out. 
He feels he should be on the blog for all of his exciting exploits.

The publicist asked him what exactly it was that Pumpkin did to warrant his taking up precious Farm cat space on the blog.

Pumpkin just looked at her with disdain.
He meowed that he was PUMPKIN THE FARM CAT and that should be sufficient.

There was only ONE Pumpkin the Farm cat and the people needed to see his tortie glory.
(I think Pumpkin has been spending some time with AbbyGoat if you want my opinion.)

So Pumpkin did what Pumpkin does best.

Ignore the publicist.
At least he is pretty while he is doing it.

The publicist just sighed and said OK.
Pumpkin can be on the blog.
What did she get for this?

More disdain.
I will never understand them.


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