Thursday, March 8, 2012

CRAZY Weather

You saw me running from the snow yesterday.
Can you believe this crazy weather?
The morning had been SUNNY!

And then it was SNOWING.
Like crazy!
I could not believe it.

I looked all around to see if my goat eyes were playing tricks on me.

They were not!
It was snowing!

It was time to go to the barn!

Get out of my way chicken!

I'm in a hurry!

Bye Buster Brown.
Ha ha! I get to go to the barn first!

My poor studmuffin is getting covered with snow.

So are the other does.
We are not snowgoats!

Abby maaaas that she is not thrilled with this weather either.

As I ran by she was giving the AbbyGoat Stare of Death to the snow.
It didn't work.
This was the view from the barn as we ran in...

As you can see - it was still snowing.
Even harder than when we started running!
Stupid snow!
Go away....NOW!


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