Tuesday, March 27, 2012

AbbyDay - Sheesh! I Suppose it is Now Going to be All Jim, All the Time!

It's AbbyDay, the best day of the week but do you want to see AbbyGoat? NO! You want to see the kid.

The kid, the kid, the kid.
You will regret it.....you will fall in love with the kid and then the kid will find a new life on a new farm and you will get all mushy and what will you then have - ME, AbbyGoat. 

But do you appreciate me, NO! 

You want the kid.
So I will give you the kid. But when he leaves, don't come crying to me.

After Sarah the goat got him all cleaned up the publicist let them come out for a bit. This is unusual but it was such a pretty day she thought it would be OK. Usually the little ones stay inside for their first day.  Remember when you see these photos he is only hours old!

He is quite the little explorer goat.
He didn't want to stand still.

Oh, no!
He wanted to check things out.
He wanted to go! go! go!

This made Sarah very nervous.
You never know what big carnivore might be out there looking to eat your young.

A nanny must be always on alert.

Even if a kid wants to explore.
But all of that exploring is tiring work.
Soon a little goat needs a nap.

And there is nothing like sleeping in the warmth of a sunbeam, is there?


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