Tuesday, March 20, 2012

AbbyDay - I Can Share the Spotlight

It's AbbyDay - the most perfect of all days of the week. Just say it with me, "Abby, Abby, Abby!" Good work!

Now, some day I will force encourage Pricilla to retire and I will rule this blog! I want to show you that I, AbbyGoat can share the spotlight. I will tell you a tale about the St. Patrick's Day snow.

I was standing there becoming most annoyed about the snow.
(I'm getting there. It would not be AbbyDay without a photo of ME!)
When the publicist remarked that the horses across the street were acting mighty frisky.
I looked over and it was true!

They were kicking up their heels? Hooves? Shoes?
Was it the crazy weather causing this?

I certainly didn't know but it sure was quite a show.
You didn't know that Abby was a poetgoat did you?

The ran and jumped and then.....

Are they flirting?!

Is that a horse kiss?!

Awwwww, it is a horse kiss. And another one!
Isn't that sweet?

Then they ran off together. I guess they wanted some horse privacy.
Do horses dance the rhumba like goats?

I hope you enjoyed this AbbyDay without too much Abby.
I can share the spotlight....SEE!


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