Monday, February 20, 2012

Time to Tell My Secret

No I am not pregnant.
I know that is what a lot of you thought.
I am retired.
Yes, I want to dance the rhumba with my studmuffin but I am 13 years old and having a kid could kill me at this age so the publicist keeps me away from him for my better health whether I like it or not.


Can you believe it?! 
(That is the publicist, the male person and her parents who have died.)
They have put up with each other love one another for all those years.
We goats think that is very special so we said we would spend the day in the barn so they could go and play together.

Aren't we nice?

This is how they looked when they were young.
OMGoat what a difference!
The publicist is O.L.D now, isn't she?

She told me she is very, very happy that the male person loves her.
She said he is a good guy.
I don't know about that - he gave me needles once - for 5 DAYS IN A ROW.
I don't like needles. Even if they did make me get better.

We goats know that we take up a lot of the publicist's time and her day is scheduled around us and the two of them can't go away at the same time because they take such good care of us. We wanted them to have ONE day together to celebrate so we agreed to spend the day in the barn.

The publicist left us with lots of nice hay and clean water.....and APPLES!
So I guess we are celebrating too.
We all hope the publicist and male person enjoy their day together.


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