Monday, February 27, 2012

Meet my Friends Monday

I have decided to do something fun on Mondays!
I can do that because, well I can.
I am going to introduce you to my friends.
A goat can have friends!
And I have lots of friends....

My first friend I would like to meet is really three friends - Claire the Shepardess, Lucky Nickel and Fezzik the goat. They live in Canada!

Fezzik spends a lot of time in the house helping Claire make her beautiful yarns that she sells in her shop, Scotia Spinner.

The publicist says if she could knit more than a square or rectangle she would buy some of the pretty yarns like this one called Candy Bamboo. But she says there are only so many squares and rectangles a person needs. But I say I would look stylin' in a scarf. 

She says I would just eat it.

Claire also has Lucky Nickel the goat. Lucky Nickel traveled with Claire from Iowa to Canada by car. Isn't that impressive?!

Oh and here is a better picture of Fezzik - he is doing his goat yoga. This way you can see his cute goat face.

You might remember when I got some mail and it was from Canada. It came from Claire and her shop! The publicist bought some of Claire's very cute felted chickens. That one is JennieLynn. Claire makes little felted purses too! You should check them out!

I hope you liked meeting Claire and Fezzik and Lucky Nickel. I am happy they are my friends. I hope they can come and visit me someday. Be sure to come back next Monday to meet more of my friends.


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