Thursday, February 16, 2012

Louise Loves Apples

The publicist has been very nice to us lately.
She has been bringing us lots of apples.
She baked some pies for the bake sale for the food bank and she said that she had lots of "apple detritus."  We don't care what kind of apples they are as long as we get to eat them.

Louise really enjoyed her pieces.
She is the publicist's pet.

So the publicist hand fed her.
She used to hand feed me!
What is up with this?!

The publicist said I should chill.
She said I am still special but she said that Louise was "cute" as she ate her apple.
What does this mean?
Am I not cute?
It's because I am old, isn't it?
Harumph again!

Even though Louise is my grandkid I still think I should get special treatment.
Why is she getting all the good pieces of apple.

The publicist doesn't feed me anymore.
I am not special.....
OH! Ignore that!

I am going to go eat some hay now.


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