Saturday, February 11, 2012

I Am Going to Start a New Job #Review #Rafflecopter #Giveaway

I am thinking of starting a new job.
It's true!
Now don't worry - I will not stop being a Famous SpokesGoat.
That is what I do best.
I am thinking of being a NOVICA Live SalesGoat.

What do you think?
I think I would make a good SalesGoat.
I would have to have parties in my goat pen.
I could use the new glasses that the publicist just got from NOVICA.
I could use them to make very nice hors d'oevres for my guests.

I could stuff them with apples.
What do you think?
Tasty, huh?

I could serve them in different places so my goat guest could have nice sights to see while they discussed the lovely Alpaca Wool Sweaters. Especially my fyber goat friends.

I'll bet some of them might have even contributed to the beautiful Wool Shawls.

I would even have party games like Hide and Tree-t.
I would be a good goatstess.
Since I have been so confused lately about the weather and my underfur is a little messy I could even model one of the Alpaca Sweaters. I know I could walk the goat walk and show that baby off!

But first I had to taste test those treats the publicist made.
I leave NOTHING to chance.

Oh! Look! She even made some apple/grain parfaits.
I LOVE the publicist.
She is so good to me!

I checked it out very closely. Those glasses are hand blown in Mexico. They are very pretty and very festive. I am glad the publicist is letting me borrow them for my party.

Then I tested the treat. A good goatstess does this.

I asked for Nora the goat's opinion.

She maaaed that she is all in favor of anything that involves apples and grain.

One more taste for me....
I must make sure these are the BEST apples for my guests.
I believe they are!
Now I just have to decide on my future.

But 'til then I have some good news.
One of you will get to win a $50 Gift Card to NOVICA!
How cool is that?
It's easy too - just fill out the Rafflecopter form below and do what it says.

And if YOU want to be a NOVICA Live representative you can too. You can get a starter kit for $199 and it has $400 in samples and $150 in business supplies. Just be sure to mention that The Maaaaa of Pricilla sent you so I can get some credits to buy apples. 

WHAT?! They don't sell apples!?!
I am going to have to REALLY think this through then.
But you go ahead and do it.

And enter the giveaway....

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure:  I (well, the publicist) got a gift certificate to NOVICA gratis. She really liked shopping there and the products are very nice. I got some apples and grain - as usual. Not that I have anything against apples and grain. In fact I love them but what I really want is a date with my studmuffin Luke the goat. Neither she nor or got any money for this post. She would just spend it and I would just eat it.


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