Friday, February 17, 2012

Farm Cat Friday - InspectorCat Harry

If you will recall, Harry the Farm cat was a big help to the male person when the skylight blew off of the roof of the yurt. Well he is continuing to aid the male person with the whole skylight issue. You will also remember that we goats were very surprised one day when the male person drove into the Farm with this:

We learned that it was the new skylight! He is getting what he needs together along with some friends to help him install it. He needs to wait for good weather which if I hear the publicist correctly will be "sometime in &%^$*&%&$ July" whatever that means.

Harry wanted to make sure that the new skylight was A-OK so he did what any good InspectorCat would do....

He climbed all over it.
I am sure this makes sense to all of you cats out there but it does not make sense to us goats. We would do the goat dance of joy on it to make sure it was good and strong.

The publicist called Harry over to see what he had to meow.

Being a good cat he came right over.

He meowed at her not to worry, that the new skylight was perfect.

He even tried to give her a little pat to reassure her.
Or to whack her for making him leave his inspection.
I am not quite sure.
One never knows with cats.

He did jump down and gave his head rub of approval to the male person's new/old trailer. He traded the old trailer for this one 'cause it will hold more hay. I am most in favor of that!

He also left his paw print of approval on the new skylight. 
I am not sure the male person appreciated this.


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