Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An AbbyDay Valentine for You

It is AbbyDay the best day of the week and today it's an even betterer day because it's Valentine's Day. The day you all send me apples because you love me so much.

WHAT?! You mean that is NOT what Valentine's Day is?!
I am shocked.
It should be. I am going to complain to someone - as soon as I know the right someone.
Until then I, AbbyGoat bring you Valentine's Day poetry.

The apple is red, the apple is green

The apple is the sweetest thing I have seen!

I love the apple and it is mine

I suck it down, my Valentine!
The apples were cast upon the ground

Where I eat many and grow round*

* With all due respect to the unknown nursery rhyme author.

All of us Happy Goats hope you all have a day full of love and apples!!!!


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