Tuesday, February 28, 2012

AbbyDay: A MONSTER Came to the Farm

You will not believe your eyes!

I could hardly believe mine.
A big MONSTER came to the Farm.

It stopped my girls dead in their hooves.

Buster Brown the goat was shocked!
He was not sure if the monster was coming to get him.

He almost fell over as he tried to track it.

The boys watched it carefully....

So did Sarah the goat.

Stupid Pricilla just stayed in her basking spot.
The sun was out so NOTHING was going to keep her from basking.
Not even a MONSTER.
She does look a bit surprised, though, doesn't she?

Luke is really trying to figure out WHAT it might be.

WHAT kind of MONSTER is this?
Is it here to take us away?
Should we be scared?


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