Monday, January 23, 2012

We All Refuse the Leave the Barn

It's true.
On Thursday not one of us would leave the barn to go into our pens.
A few of us ventured out a bit, but we all ran back to the safety of the barn.
We are not stupid goats.

Nora was the first one the publicist tried to trick.
She said that it was "just fine" outside.
That we goats would be "OK."

Nora peeked out the door.

She gave that snow a good sniff.

She waddled out a bit.

The snow ate her legs!

The publicist is an idiot.
She ran back into the barn.

I was smart enough to not even go out.
Sarah looked out...

But ran right back in!

Abby and Thelma ventured out a bit...

They looked around.

And they ran right back into the barn.

As I maaaed, we are not STUPID goats.
The boys followed our very intelligent lead and never even poked their heads out of the barn.

So there snow.
So there!


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