Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ssshhhh! Buster Brown the Goat is Really Just an Old Softie

The bucks don't like this information to get out.
They don't like when the paparazzi get it on film.
But I have proof.
Proof that Buster Brown the goat is an old softie.

Just look at this!

Do you believe your eyes?
That is Buster Brown, supposed TOUGH BUCK getting his morning luvins.

He likes nothing more than to have the publicist give him a good scratch.
He waits for her by the fence and if she does not stop and scratch him he MAAAAAAAAS very loudly.

Then she spends some time scratching and rubbing his head.
It makes him very happy.

I think he is a very spoiled little buck.

He is very sweet with the publicist.
So there you go - Buster Brown, Old Softie!


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